5 Oral Imperfections Easily Corrected With Dental Veneers

Mar 02, 2023
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You might not have to wait as long as you thought to get the smile of your dreams. Check out how veneers can fast-track your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Your smile is gapped, crooked, off-kilter, or busted, which means months, maybe even years, of tedious dental work — right? Maybe not. Dental veneers are nimble multitaskers that can quickly fix several different smile problems. 

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit snugly over your teeth, making your cosmetic concerns a thing of the past in the blink of an eye. 

Dr. Nina Babayev at Nassau Dental Spa in Franklin Square, New York, have years of experience correcting all kinds of smiles and smile problems with veneers. We carefully evaluate your smile and offer the fastest way to reach your treatment goals. Here are five of the most common issues we correct with veneers. 

1. Deep stains and discoloration

Superficial tooth stains from foods or poor oral hygiene often respond to professional whitening treatments featuring clinical-strength solutions designed to remove stubborn stain molecules. However, as effective as these treatments can be, they aren't designed to correct discoloration that develops inside your teeth.

Metabolic disorders, trauma to your tooth or mouth, and long-term use of certain medications can all cause deep, intrinsic enamel discoloration. Root canal therapy or damage to your tooth’s nerves or blood vessels can also cause internal staining and darkening.

For these deeply discolored teeth, veneers provide a perfect solution. Because we design them to match your surrounding teeth, veneers blend in perfectly as they conceal dark teeth, giving you a naturally beautiful, cohesive smile.

2. Cracks and chips

Cracks and chips detract from the appearance of your smile and can lead to additional problems if not treated — even a single chip can make your smile look worn and neglected.

We apply veneers to the surface of your teeth using a strong bonding agent to provide a cosmetic solution for cracks and chips, making your smile look symmetrical and attractive. At the same time, veneers fortify damaged teeth for added protection.

3. Gaps and uneven spacing

Gapped teeth certainly have an aesthetic impact on your smile, but they can also cause problems with clear speaking. Large spaces between teeth can affect how you pronounce words and create hissing or whistling sounds.

Because gaps make it easy for food particles, plaque, and bacteria to access more of your tooth surface, you have a higher risk of decay or gum disease.

Veneers close up those gaps, improving your smile’s appearance and providing an extra barrier to protect your teeth from damage. Plus, they can even improve the appearance of slightly misaligned or crooked teeth.

4. Uneven sizing

Don’t take smile symmetry for granted. If your teeth are smaller than average or a few of your teeth are smaller than the others, you may show off a lot of gum when you open your mouth to smile or speak, and that can have a significant effect on how your smile looks (and on your confidence, too).

Veneers are custom-made, which means we can craft them to ensure all your teeth are the same size, so your smile is aesthetically symmetrical. In fact, veneers are a popular solution for the common cosmetic problem known as a “gummy smile.”

5. Worn or misshapen teeth

Over time, years of biting and chewing wear down the surfaces of your teeth, which gradually ages your smile. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth while you sleep, or if you have very soft tooth enamel, wear and tear can become apparent well before middle and older age. Veneers can turn those heavily worn teeth into healthy and sound teeth in just a few visits.

Comfortable, beautiful, and completely customizable, porcelain veneers can correct various cosmetic concerns without the wait or costs involved with other treatments. If you’re ready to learn how durable veneers can help your smile look its absolute best, call our friendly staff at 516-233-1227 or use our online booking tools to schedule an appointment today.